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  • Creating and implementing a quality control system to ensure the application is in working order and up to company standards.

  • Creating and managing issue ‘tickets’ based on the outcome after quality control has been completed. Organising these tickets into sprints for the developers to work on.

  • Working on a variety of design projects including UI, UX, branding, apparel and print design. Please see my portfolio for more information on these projects.

  • I used my leadership and management skills to successfully head seasonal print direction meetings to a team of 5 where I presented trend research, previous season analytics, customer feedback and new design ideas for the brand’s upcoming collection. I used InVision to collaborate with the rest of the team when finalising designs. 

  • Successfully implemented an inventory tracking system in Excel to track over $30,000 worth of raw materials which were across 4 locations, and in-transit; improving organisation and operational efficiency. 

  • Developed and maintained new and existing relationships with over 15 stakeholders (local and overseas factories, suppliers and vendors). I was the main point of contact for the product, both internally and externally, resulting in an efficient ongoing production pipeline by using interpersonal skills and problem solving skills to troubleshoot any issues that arose.

  • I set up sustainability initiatives to help reduce the impact of waste materials going into landfill. These included using scrap fabrics to make scrunchies, collecting off-cuts from production to be recycled with a local fabric recycling program and making dog snuffle mats from the leftover scraps.

MEC  |  Vancouver, BC

Nov 2019 - Aug 2020

  • Executed an effective Excel spreadsheet tracking system for the design department to obtain two seasons worth of bulk materials which involved anywhere between 100-200 swatches per season, improving efficiency throughout the organisation. 

  • Coordinated the sending of up to 100 fabric standards to multiple off-shore factories and made sure sample quality  was consistent with company requirements.

  • Being highly organised and efficient to sustain the PLM with fabric test data for other departments to have ready access to.

Sustainability Rep
This was a volunteer position where I was part of a small team of other MEC employees to help initiate sustainable practices and organise corporate social responsibility events for the Vancouver head office. I introduced a couple of incentives; the recycling of past season bulk fabrics by sending them to local non-profit organisations to avoid them ending in landfill, and donating surplus tent footprints to the local animal shelter. Knowing that the apparel industry is one of the most waste induced industries in the world, I felt it was important to play a part in taking responsibility and reducing waste where I had the capability to.

  • Facilitated the running of the studio which included overseeing tshirt printing operations, quality control, delegating up to 5 team members at a time to ensure we were efficiently fulfilling all wholesale and retail orders.

  • Kept the brand's Shopify store updated with new products, imagery, marketing materials and inventory quantities.

  • Planned, prepared and worked at  markets, trade shows and studio sales. I used my  design skills to create  a new set up for the booth which refreshed the brand and was highly received by its customers.


You can take a look at my other design work here.

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